Album Review: FEVER 333 -‘STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS’

On January 18, FEVER 333 released their debut full-length album, STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS. This three-piece band from Inglewood, California, had an EP, Made an America, came out in 2018. Even though they are just getting started, the title track off of the EP has been nominated for a GRAMMY.

STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS opens with an introduction song, “…”. This track sets up the theming for the album with people yelling and chanting “333.” “…,” ends with lead singer Jason Aalon Butler saying “‘What do I want them to know? I want them to know there’s a motherf*cking fever coming’,” before transitioning into “Burn It.” This was the first single released from the album. It’s catchy, and the lyrics are a perfect example of what FEVER 333 are all about.

“Prey For Me/3,” “Inglewood/3,” and “Out Of Control/3” are the longest tracks on the album. In “Prey For Me/3,” I love the play on words between “pray for me,” and “prey for me,” as well as the line “you’re not the only one that feels like the only one.” “Out Of Control/3” is a perfect example of FEVER 333 blending hardcore and hip hop together. The song starts with the anthemic “one, two, three, three, three,” being screamed. “The Innocent” has a chorus that I can’t wait to hear live one day. STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS closes with “Coup D’Étalk,” which ends with a chant of “three, three, three,” and Butler speaking over it, saying “and when we win, because you know we will, it’s all power to all people.”

The more I listen to this album, the more I fall in love with it. It’s hard to choose, but my favorites off of it are “Burn It,” “Animal,” “ONE OF US.” FEVER 333 mixes hardcore and hip hop with lyrics that are meant to inspire change. I’m eagerly waiting for more tour dates to drop, but FEVER 333 are currently opening up for Bring Me The Horizon, and all of their upcoming shows can be found here.

  1. Burn It
  2. Animal
  3. Prey For Me/3
  4. ONE OF US
  5. Inglewood/3
  6. The Innocent
  7. Out Of Control/3
  8. Am I Here?
  9. Coup D’Étalk

Post by Anna Rhodes

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