Song Review: Emerald Sabbath – “She’s Gone”

Emerald Sabbath is a monster of a Black Sabbath tribute project founded and produced by Michael Suilleabhain. Upcoming album Ninth Star features ten former Black Sabbath members, as well as a host of other talented musicians.

“She’s Gone” is the first track released from the album that features Dave Walker on vocals, Bill Dwyer on guitars, Neil Murray on bass, Chris Cundy on keyboards, Steve Owers on drums, Lisa Ljungberg on backing vocals and the Ardeton String Quartet. It is a beautiful Black Sabbath song that Emerald Sabbath covered to perfection. All the original sentiment of the track is included in their cover. They did not overcomplicate the song and stayed true to its spirit. However, there is something special about Emerald Sabbath’s version that makes it even better than the original.

Watch the video below:

Post by Karen Shalev

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