Interview: Cody Carson of Set It Off Talks New Album + More

Recently I (Brooke Champine) sent over some interview questions to popular band Set It Off to gain more insight about their new album, ‘Midnight’. Here’s what lead singer Cody Carson had to say:

Concert Crap: As someone who has followed the band since practically day one, I’ve noticed that all of your music deals with real-life topics and hardships that one may experience. Where do you find the inspiration to write these songs?

Cody: Honestly, everyday life experiences are what we write about. When I was growing up, the songs that spoke to me the most were the ones that touched on real-life issues that I was going through at that time. Those songs did so much for me and my mental health that I wanted our songs to be able to do the same. So, if I felt it, I write it, if it hurt, I get it out in the song.

Concert Crap: Which song off from the new album means the most to you, and why?

Cody: I’m going to have to go with “Unopened Windows,” it’s about my father who passed away due to cancer in 2008. It’s only the second song I’ve ever been able to write about him, it’s usually really hard to do it because I want it to always be perfect. It has a topic that has been on my heart for a while and it finally came to existence. It’s about all the memories you wish you could’ve made but never got the chance to, and how imagining them feels like you’re watching them from inside out like an unopened window.

Concert Crap: Which song was the most difficult to write on Midnight?

Cody: I’m going to have to go with our song “No Disrespect” only because it’s the one that went through the most changes over time. Luckily for us, there wasn’t a lot of difficulty in our writing process because we try to write without any pressure, just have fun and make the best song possible. With “No Disrespect,” we did some really neat re-arranging of the song. What used to be the pre-chorus/chorus, became the bridge and what used to be a half-time feel became full time. It really changed the song and I love what it became so much!

Concert Crap: What was the writing process like for the album, and how long did it take?

Cody: Dan and I are always writing so we had about 50-60 ideas going into the studio and then once our time at the studio began we spent a couple months going in every day but Sunday to write a new song a day. There is quality in volume and that’s why we usually like to have the most amount of songs possible so that when it becomes time to narrow them down, it’s a very difficult task. That’s actually why Midnight will end up as our longest record to date at 15 songs.

Concert Crap: Where do you hope this record brings you after release?

Cody: I hope it helps our band grow to heights beyond our wildest expectations. I hope it allows these songs that we care so much about and that have helped us out when we needed it most to reach as many ears as possible and hopefully spread a positive message and help people in their darkest times or when they need to smile. I hope it changes our lives.

Concert Crap: What’s the best advice you can give to those looking to advance their careers in the music industry?

Cody: Be persistent, be honest, work hard every day, and be aware of those around you. Not everyone has the best intentions or has your best interest at heart and I know that may sound negative but we are all selfish creatures in a  way. Just look out for yourself while you fight to do what you love. Be a good person and respect those around you. If you do all of those things, I don’t see how you can’t see success in some way, shape, or form.

Concert Crap: Where do you hope to tour in the future?

Cody: One of our biggest goals of 2019 are to venture out to countries we haven’t played yet. We’re about to tour North America, the UK, and Europe, but that leaves MANY more on the list of places to visit and we can’t wait to play our music all over the world!

Post and photos by Brooke Champine

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