Crappy Concert Moments: Unwill


We had the opportunity to play Warped Tour in Massachusetts just a year before it was announced the Warped would be canceled forever. We arrived in the morning on no sleep after an overnight drive. It was a bit hot but the weather was fine and all the bands started loading in their gear, merch, and tents. We played in this spot dubbed The Grove, which was like playing in a campground surrounded by tall pine trees. Our set was slotted for 3 or 4 PM so we spent most of the morning and early afternoon checking out all the bands and artists and ate some great catered food.

Once 1 PM rolled around the sky darkened and everyone started reaching out to feel the first few raindrops. Gradually, the rain got heavier, and by 2 PM it was a veritable downpour. By this point, our tent, along with everyone else’s, was filling with rainwater. Every five minutes or so we would push the top of it from the inside to knock down the accumulation. Of course, everyone was doing this, so water was just splashing over into all the merch areas. The ground, mostly dirt when we arrived, quickly turned to mud. Most of the people there were loving it, including us.
The rain caused some delays, so our set got pushed back a half hour or so. It started slowing down right before we had to set up. Of course, as soon as we were clear to bring our gear up, the skies opened up again. We quickly got our gear up on stage, trying (to no avail) to prevent water from getting on any of it. 

Once we were playing, it was all worth it. A stoked, soaked crowd gathered as we played. We were all slipping around on stage, the crowd was slipping around in the mud. Everyone was in the same boat, drenched, hot, exhausted, and it was great. There was no judgment, just rock and roll energy. Warped might not come around again, but we’re glad we got to experience it at its wettest.

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