Album Review: All That Remains – ‘Victim of the New Disease’

All That Remains - 'Victim of the New Disease'

All That Remains just released their latest album Victim of the New Disease a deeply personal and thoughtful work that will have just as many people banging their heads as sifting through the lyrics searching for the deeper meaning. All the hallmarks of a great metal album can be found here from squealing guitars, trudging bass lines, snarling vocals, and rapid-fire drum fills. The album kicks off with an all-out assault on “F**k Love.” then transitions into the more controlled, rhythmic “Everything’s Wrong.” All throughout the album the lyrics of vocalist Phil Labonte paint a picture of a man looking at the entirety of his life and grappling with the demons one accrues over a lifetime. Intimate and raw, his lyrics will have you moshing at the show and taking a hard look in the mirror when you get home. On “Misery In Me” he shares his struggles with betrayal and the impact of self-perception on our lives when he sings, in the chorus, “I believed in the misery in me and it cost me all my dreams.” Never shy of voicing their opinion they weigh in on the turbulent political climate with the title track “Victim Of The New Disease.” The core messages once again front and center in the chorus, they’re begging you to “please start thinking for yourself”! Just under 40 minutes All That Remains delivers everything you love them for and more, including a Danny Worsnop feature on “Just Tell Me Something.”

Released on November 9th you can find Victim of the New Disease on iTunes here.

Favorite Track: Misery In Me

Track List:

  1. F**k Love
  2. Everything’s Wrong
  3. Blood I Spill
  4. Wasteland
  5. Alone In The Darkness
  6. Misery In Me
  7. Broken
  8. Just Tell Me Something (feat. Danny Worsnop)
  9. I Meant What I Said
  10. Victim Of The New Disease

Post by Lucas Cruz

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