Interview: Finneas O’Connell Talks Collaborating with His Sister Billie Eilish

Concert Crap: Hello Finneas! My name is Taylor Brielle. I am with an online music outlet called Concert Crap. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. How are you doing today?

Finneas O’Connell: I’m in Chicago today! We flew in from New York this morning so I’m a little sleepy right now but I’m good! Love the fall, love Chicago.

CC: How has this journey been of co-writing/producing and now touring with your sister Billie Eilish? Explain a little bit about how you both got into collaborating together.

FO: Totally unpredictable and wonderful. The thing that has never changed is the reason we make music though. We just do it cuz we love it. Nothing else going on. It’s just our favorite thing.

CC: You currently have a recent single out called “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night.” Would you mind the sharing the story or inspiration behind it?

FO: I wrote it while I was in Japan about a girl I was FaceTiming for hours a day that I’d never met in person. The whole song is basically my fantasy day in LA with her that I never had

CC: What can we expect more of from Finneas in the near future? 

FO: Let’s fall in love is the last song of this calendar year I think- gotta nifty new video for NEW GIRL coming out soon and LOTS of new music in the new year

CC: Any last words or advice you can give to upcoming artists and musicians within the music industry? 

FO: just make stuff you’re proud of and excited to share with your friends. If they love it, they’ll share it with their friends and their friends and their friends etc. it’s all about the art

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Post and Interview by Taylor Brielle

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