Album Review: Fight The Fury – “Still Breathing” EP

Fight The Fury - "Still Breathing"

Skillet vocalist and bassist John Cooper‘s new metal project Fight The Fury releases debut EP Still Breathing. This is a bolder, louder, more aggressive Cooper with an edgier, bolder sound than the already strong Skillet.

The band’s inaugural soundtrack affirms those eternal struggles and angst that are within us all that just want to break free from to survive in life. Keep up the good fight, and make sure you do it with the volume up to 11 with this 5-track metal fest roaring in the background.

When you want to flex some new music on your friends that will blow them away, flex any one of these songs and they’ll be impressed with. Sometimes you just need a little metal music to abolish all your anger on the world, do that with this short, but highly effective EP.

Listen to the album on Spotify.

  1. My Demons
  2. Dominate Me
  3. Still Burning
  4. I Cannot
  5. Lose Hold Of It All

Post from Corey Kleinsasser

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