Photos l Review: Music Tastes Good 2018 is A Truly Original Long Beach Festival


Who: FEELS, Oliver Tree, Princess Nokia, Santigold, Lil B, Joey Bada$$, Ladama, Lizzo, Los Master Plus, Hollie Cook, The Blow, FEELS and more.

Where: Marina Green Park, Long Beach California

When: September 29-30, 2018

Music Tastes Good celebrated a successful third year in Long Beach, Calif. September 29-30 with not only an amazing lineup but with an amazing selection of food.

Both Saturday and Sunday had a jammed pack lineup of music that included up and coming artists like Oliver Tree, Princess Nokia, Lil B, Joey Bada$$, Los Master Plus, Lizzo and more. It also included artist and bands like Broken Social Scene, New Order, Janelle Monae and James Blake.

Not only was Marina Green Park filled with a perfectly curated lineup of artists and bands, but it also included an array selection of food that ranged from gourmet to food truck-styled treats.

The Music Tastes Good festival is a family-friendly event and is highly recommended for those who enjoy great music and delicious food. Don’t sleep on this event before it becomes trendy and expensive – be sure to catch vol. 4 in 2019!

Post and photos by Victoria Kernen

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