Photos l Review: Seether “Poisons” the New Hampshire Parish


Who: Poison the Parish Tour – Seether, Tremonti, Big Story, Veio

Where: Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

When: September 21, 2018

Seether’s Poison the Parish tour continued its run into Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Every flyer and show announcement that I saw for the Hampton Beach show stated that there were three bands and show would start at 8. When the lights dimmed at 7:25, I assumed that a local opener had been added last minute, but Seether added a fourth band – Veio – to the tour. They did not really leave an impression on me, either good or bad, because I was so surprised by their sudden appearance that I spent most of their set trying to figure out why they had not shown up on any announcement that I saw. They deserve a second chance and I will be keeping an eye out. Big Story, the next band up, was on the flyer, so I was prepared for their set. The band was very energetic, jumping around the stage and interacting with the audience well. The setlist included “Such Things,” “Losing Sleep,” and “Daydream.” Music-wise, it is not a sound that I would gravitate to naturally, but the energy coming from the stage was so fun that I would be happy to see them live again. Nearly as addictive as an online casino game.

Tremonti was the main draw for me for this show and I was not disappointed by their time on set. Tremonti is an interesting band because while Mark Tremonti is not the best frontman I have seen, he knows exactly how to give the audience what they want to see coming from the stage. The setlist was a good mix of old and new songs. “Cauterize” and “Another Heart” kicked the set off the right way. “Things I’ve Seen,” “Trust,” “Catching Fire,” “Flying Monkeys,” “Radical Change,” “Throw Them To The Lions,” “A Dying Machine,” and “Wish You Well” rounded out the rest of the set. While the older songs were fun live, the new songs off the latest album A Dying Machine completely blew the older tracks out of the water. Tremonti’s new album, one of the best of the year, sounds even better live and this is a band that you absolutely need to see.

The last time I saw Seether, I was not overly impressed by their set; in comparison to the opening bands, they just fell flat for me.  This time around was better; the venue seemed to be a better fit for the band than the previous venue and I felt a bit more connected to their set. Guitarist Corey Lowery was a big part of this. Last time, they had Clint Lowery from Sevendust play with them; he is one of my favorite guitar players, but the vibe on stage with Corey Lowery was preferable. Their setlist was the perfect length and consisted of “Stoke the Fire,” “Gasoline,” “Let You Down,” “Truth,” “Words As Weapons,” “Nobody’s Praying,” “Save Today,” “Country Song,” “Fine Again,” “Broken,” “No Jesus Christ,” “Rise Above,” “Betray and Degrade,” “Fake It,” and “Remedy.” While this time around was an improvement, I still found issues with the performance. One of my biggest pet peeves, when I go to a show, is not being able to see the band; Seether performs with backlights, which means you see silhouettes on stage instead of faces. Another issue I have with Seether’s set is that vocalist Shaun Morgan does not really work on connecting with the audience in comparison to the previous bands. I love Seether’s music, but even this second time around, I liked the openers more than the headliner.

Post and photos by Karen Shalev

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