Photos l Review: Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, and More in Worcester, Massachusetts

Parkway Drive

Who: Reverence Tour: Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, Polaris

Where: Palladium, Worcester, Massachusetts

When: September 12, 2018

Parkway Drive has been making the rounds around the world recently and it was finally our turn in Massachusetts to get to see them live.

Polaris opened the show. The Australian band had just announced they would be touring as support for Architects, so the expectations for their set were high from the beginning. The audience was buzzing; they wanted to mosh and Polaris gave them plenty of opportunities. Their music was heavy and they were electric. Polaris’s set was much too short, but they made a big impact with “Lucid,” “Regress,” “The Slow Decay,” “Consume,” and “The Remedy.” I am sure it will not be long before they will be back headlining their own tour. The Devil Wears Prada, another highly anticipated band, took to the stage next. The audience got even more fired up, and rightly so with a setlist that included “Mammoth,” “Planet A,” “Worldwide,” “Daughter,” “I Hate Buffering,” “Anatomy,” “Born To Lose,” and “Danger: Wildman.” The Devil Wears Prada lived up to every expectation I had and more; they are definitely a band to catch live, an experience that not even casino gambling can replicate.

August Burns Red obviously had plenty of fans in the almost-sold-out venue; chants of ABR ran throughout the room before they took to the stage. If I did not know that there was another band that was supposed to go on after them, I would have thought that they were headlining. August Burns Red was one of the best metalcore bands I have ever seen live and the audience obviously agreed, based on the number of crowd surfers they had during their set; I have also never seen such a lively pit at a show before. “King of Sorrow,” “Martyr,” “Invisible Enemy,” “Composure,” “Dangerous,” “Empire,” “Majoring in the Minors,” “Fault Line,” “Ghosts,” “The Frost,” and “White Washed” were performed one after another to an audience who just could not get enough. August Burns Red was fun and impressive; they were my favorite of the night and is a band I will definitely be seeing live again.

Parkway Drive elevated the night to another level when they took to the stage. The set took off with “Wishing Wells,” “Prey,” and “Carrion” before launching into “Vice Grip,” “Dedicated,” “Boneyards,” “Cemetery Bloom,” “The Void,” “Idols and Anchors,” “Dead Man’s Chest,” “Karma,” “Absolute Power,” and “Wild Eyes.” “Crushed” and “Bottom Feeder” ended the night off. The pit got even livelier, which I did not think was possible, throughout their set. Parkway Drive was heavy in just the right way and gave the audience everything they wanted. It was a top-notch show with some of the best metalcore bands I have seen live.

Post and photos by Karen Shalev

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