Photos l Review: Nonpoint at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts


Who: Nonpoint, He Is Legend, Letters From The Fire

Where: Brighton Music Hall, Allston, Massachusetts

When: September 8, 2018

Brighton Music Hall is a notoriously tricky venue to find parking for, so it takes a special lineup to get me to drive out to Allston. Any lineup that has Nonpoint and He Is Legend guarantees that I will be there.

Letters From The Fire opened the night. I have heard of the band but am not overly familiar with their music. Almost right away, the set had sound issues. The mic was coming in and out and the volume would be loud one minute and quieter the next; to the band’s credit, they did not give up and pushed right through. Unfortunately, the issues made it hard to gauge their sound. Energy-wise, the band was great. Vocalist Nina Bergman sang to everyone in the room and got the audience pumped. Sound-wise, I would have to check out the band again to be able to fairly determine what I think about their music. Presence-wise, they did a great job of opening the show.

The last time He Is Legend was in the state of Massachusetts, they opened for Sevendust – almost a year and a half ago. I had been anxiously keeping an eye on tour dates and was really excited to see they were direct support for Nonpoint on this tour. He Is Legend has an interesting brand of stoner’s rock; vocalist Schuylar Croom has an interesting voice with a great range and makes an excellent frontman. Several people in the audience were obviously there to see this band, but they left with plenty of new fans. He Is Legend has a special something that they bring to their set that just gets the audience fired up and wanting to dance; it is not boring for a minute when the band is on stage.

Nonpoint is one of the most underrated bands out there. The last time I saw Nonpoint – a few months ago in Hampton Beach on tour with Butcher Babies – was my first time seeing them and I was blown away. Their tenth studio album, X, had recently released, so the setlist consisted of mostly new songs. “Fix This,” “Chaos and Earthquakes,” “Dodge Your Destiny,” and “Wheel Against Will” all made an appearance. “El Diablo,” “Breaking Skin,” and “Endure” brought in a mix of songs from 2016’s The Poison Red, 2014’s The Return, and 1997’s Separate Yourself, respectively. Crowd favorites “Bullet With A Name,” their cover of Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight,” and “What A Day” rounded out the well-balanced setlist. If you have never seen Nonpoint live, you are missing out on a band that delivers a high-quality performance. Nonpoint develops a unique connection with the audience from the beginning; it is a connection that very few bands achieve. Nonpoint is a band that I will see every time they come to the area.

Post and photos by Karen Shalev

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