Interview: Singer/Songwriter Micah McCaw Talks Music, ‘Threads’ EP, Favorite Movies, and More

Photo Credit: Jordan McCaw
Photo Credit: Jordan McCaw

Concert Crap: Introduce yourself to our audience. What first drew you to music?

Micah McCaw: My name is Micah McCaw and I’m a musician from Medford Oregon. I’m also a huge movie fan, recently I just watched Orson Welles Touch of Evil and really enjoyed that. The last movie I saw in theaters as of this email was Won’t You Be My Neighbor? which was extremely inspiring.

I was first drawn to music after I heard Elvis Presley’s rendition of Blue Suede Shoes when I was younger. After that, I used to listen to the Oldies station all the time and was particularly fond of The Beach Boys.

CC: How would you describe your sound in three words

MM: Energetic, Reflective, Hopeful

CC: Your latest EP Threads was recently released. What was the writing process like?

MM: Each song was written a little differently. Consciousness 201 is a continuation/reexamination of a song off of my first album. In the song from my first album (Intro to Consciousness 101), I talked about how following your dreams was in a lot of ways what life is about. In Consciousness 201 I reevaluate those themes with an older mind and ask if humbleness is the dream.

Dead Vineyard
 was written after I kept driving by a park by my apartment where a lot of the homeless people live in the Medford area. I would always think of excuses for not helping them (it would take too much time, I don’t have money, what would they do with the money I do have), instead of search for a solution to help them. I was filled with so much guilt every time I drove or walked by. So this song deals with those issues and questions both charity and the intent for charity.

Mustard Seed 
is a song about dealing with doubt. I had written the song years earlier but was never quite satisfied with the lyrics. So in 2017 I was in Ecuador with some amazing friends but they all thought quite differently from me and it forced me to deal with doubt in a very direct way. I had to learn that sometimes even when nothing makes sense faith can be a choice, rather than a present with a bow on top.

Come Thou Fount is my favorite hymn and I really wanted to finish the ep on a hopeful note.

As far as the ep as a whole, I went into the studio with fairly bare-bones versions of the songs. My producer Evan Kunze really took the songs to the next level. He had some of the best ideas that show up on the ep, drums in Dead Vineyard (which lead to the lead guitar line), and choral vocals in Mustard Seed (the best moment on the ep in my opinion) to name a few.

CC: Which song should listeners play first? Which should they play last?

MM: I think the best way to listen to the ep would be in the order in which the ep flows, but for the second listen or for some extra credit I would say:

  1. Dead Vineyard
  2. Tearing Seams (Single I released last November)
  3. Mustard Seed
  4. Consciousness 201
  5. Come Thou Fount

CC: What is something that listeners would not pick up on in Threads the first time they listen to it?

MM: Listeners probably wouldn’t pick up on the insane drumming that Andrew John Lee Tevis wrote and played on Dead Vineyard, Chris Heisner’s really beautiful bass part on Consciousness 201, and the really nice atmospheric synths that Sean Siders played in Mustard Seed.

CC: What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

MM: I hope that people can become a little less afraid of doubt and that people can look doubt in the eyes and have a conversation with him. It was such an “aha” moment when I learned that doubt isn’t a bad thing and it’s ok to question and learn. This ep is me processing faith and doubt and learning that sometimes faith is a choice.

CC: Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

MM: I really hope people will enjoy the ep and I’m so thankful that I was able to do this. Now I will provide my definitive ranking of the Mission Impossible movies. Worst to Best.

  1. MI2
  2. MI
  3. MI3
  4. Ghost Protocol
  5. Rogue Nation
  6. Fallout

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Post by Karen Shalev

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