Photos / Review: Tilian Debuts New Solo Material in Anaheim


Tilian Pearson has made a name for himself over the past couple years with his work in the post-hardcore acts Tides of Man and Dance Gavin Dance. The clean vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance continues to grace the scene with his pitch-perfect, high-register voice via his new solo material.

Dance Gavin Dance Frontman Drop Two New Singles

Tilian is no stranger to the “limelight” as Pearson has been releasing solo material under his first name since 2013. As with the rest of the members of Dance Gavin Dance, Pearson likes to stay musically productive when Dance Gavin Dance is not touring. With Dance Gavin Dance taking a brief hiatus to work on side projects before embarking on a tour with Underoath, Pearson took this opportunity to release two new singles entitled “Hold On” and “Cocky.”

Orange County got a very intimate live performance of these songs when Tilian performed them live to a room of passionate fans.

Royal Coda and Andres Supports Tilian Solo Tour

Support for Tilian’s solo venture included Andres and Royal Coda. Both bands have made incredible strides and impressions within the post-hardcore community.

Royal Coda features former Dance Gavin Dance frontman Kurt Travis and Sianvar/Stolas guitarist Sergio Medina.

Both bands kept attendants engaged and enticed throughout the night with phenomenal stage presence and musical talent to match.

Dance Gavin Dance Frontman to Tour With Underoath Following Solo Tour

Tilian and his talented band, comprised of members of Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds, stole the night at Chain Reaction. The anticipation for Tilian’s arrival to the stage exponential rose throughout the night and once Pearson took to the stage, he stole the hearts of those so eagerly waited for his arrival.

Pearson’s setlist was comprised of solo songs ranging from his solo discography. In addition, Pearson graced the crowd with his infamous “dance moves” that he is best known for when performing with Dance Gavin Dance.

The band played a full set and an additional encore to a passionate crowd that kept the energy going throughout the night.

Tilian will tour a handful of states throughout the country until September 23. Tilian Pearson and drummer Matthew Migus will then resume touring with Dance Gavin Dance in support of Underoath beginning November 2018.

Post and photos by Matt Saunders (Facebook l Twitter l Instagram l Website)

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