Photos l Review: Daughtry Knocks the Socks off New Hampshire


Who: Cage To Rattle Tour – DaughtrySinclair

Where: Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton, New Hampshire

When: August 21, 2018

I first saw Daughtry the last time they were in New Hampshire and was blown away by the new songs they performed. When the newest album, Cage To Rattle, came out, I could not stop listening to it over and over again and was excited to hear even more new songs live.

Opener Sinclair once again started the night off. Last time I saw Sinclair, I did not leave as her biggest fan; this time was a different story. Sinclair was the only musician on stage this night; she did not have a drummer or keyboardist with her. What really impressed me about Sinclair last time was her guitar work and I was disappointed that she did not do more of it. This time, the set was focused on the guitar and it was amazing. Sinclair is a very talented guitarist and I really hope she continues to focus on her guitar as her career progresses.

Daughtry knows how to put on a show. The set started off with Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” before the band came on stage to begin performing “Just Found Heaven,” one of the best tracks off the new album. The first two or three songs steadily brought the energy up and up. Daughtry is a band that very obviously has experience on stage. Vocalist Chris Daughtry was very good about playing to each side of the venue; from right to left and back to front and even to the fans sitting up in the box seats, he made sure to pay attention to everyone in the audience and no one felt left out. The setlist was set up well; there was a good mix of old favorites that everyone was waiting to hear, which mixed in perfectly with the excellent songs off Cage To Rattle that they chose to perform. “Feels Like Tonight,” “Battleships,” “Backbone,” “Deep End,” “Breakdown,” “Home,” “White Flag,” “Over You,” “Back In Time,” and “It’s Not Over” were all of the songs that were performed before the encore of “Waiting for Superman” and “September” had the audience going nuts. There was even an impromptu 30 seconds of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” which hopefully makes it way in full to a setlist in the future.

This was my second time seeing Daughtry and they were much better this time around. While they were great the first time, there were a couple of issues with the show last time that this one did not have. The last show was at a seated venue and the energy never really reached its potential. With this performance being at a GA venue, the energy was really able to pick up and it was a much more engaging show. Last time, the new album had not been released, so – while new songs were played – it consisted of mostly old songs with a couple of covers; this time around, Daughtry looked like they were enjoying every single second of performing the new songs and that vibe reflected onto the audience. What did not change this time around was Daughtry’s hunger; you can feel from the band that they want to put on a good show and that they want to keep doing this for as long as they can.

Daughtry put on an excellent show and I look forward to seeing the band again the next time they make their way to New England.

Post and photos by Karen Shalev

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