Remembering Kyle Pavone of We Came As Romans

From Britney Elizabeth

Vocalist of We Came As Romans, Kyle Pavone, passed away, as announced by the band on their social media channels. Many of us here at Concert Crap had many experiences seeing the band live, and with a few of us even getting a chance to meet with him. Even if we didn’t get a chance to meet him, he still had a profound effect on our music listening experiences:

Jordyn Beschel

We Came As Romans was a huge influence for me, especially in my high school years. Lyrics from the song “Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always” were my senior quote, and WCAR is one of the bands that got me involved in the music scene and shooting shows. I shot a show of theirs back in 2010 just as a fan from the front row, posted a photo online, and Kyle reshared it, and it helped motivate me to do it all for real.

Megan Choi

I first discovered We Came As Romans in 2010 and fell in love with their music ever since. Earlier this year, I got the chance to tour with We Came As Romans. Every night I would see how much Kyle’s fans adored him and how his face would light up when hearing his lyrics being sung back at him. He was a kind soul to be around and known as the friend that would always be there for you. Rest easy to the reigning cornhole champ.

Corey Kleinsasser

I first heard We Came As Romans when I found out about the genre of post-hardcore and metalcore music and hearing their Dreams EP. The band was an up a comer and I remember they played a local show that I was desperately trying to get someone with me to attend. Unfortunately, I didn’t go, but can safely say that I’ve seen them numerous times live, and even a few times headline shows throughout the years since in Southern California. Pavone’s clean vocals are a definite hook in contrast to growls from singer Dave Stephen’s in WCAR. I’m thankful I was spoiled seeing the band numerous times and they never put on a bad show.

What are your best moments and memories

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