EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: SID The 3rd from Slipknot Talks New Album

SID The 3rd

Concert Crap had the opportunity of being the only publication to interview SID The 3rd, AKA DJ Starscream, AKA #0 from Slipknot, about his latest release under the moniker “SID”, titled ∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢ (Sexcapades of the Hopeless Robotic).

In this exclusive interview for the album SID talks about what went into making the album, his ideas behind it and the character “SID”, collaborating with an artist to make an exclusive figurine, and more.

Listen and download “∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øf †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢” on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more HERE.

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Post, interview: Corey Kleinsasser

Video: Matt Saunders, Chris Ventura

Audio, editing: Chris Ventura

What are your thoughts on the interview and SID’s latest album? Comment below.

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