Interview: Matt Keller of Lydia Talks New Album “Liquor” and Musical Inspirations

Concert Crap: Lydia’s new album Liquor dropped on July 13, 2018. Congratulations! It is truly amazing. What was the main inspiration behind this new album? What sets this album apart from your older albums?

Matt Keller: Thank you very much! Life, in general, is always the biggest influence to all of us, but there was certainly a lot of discussion about keeping the ideas strong and simple, that less can be more, and that if you think something sucks then speak up. I think it’s more focused than our past releases – but that’s really up to the listener to decide!

CC: How would you explain Lydia’s music to first-time listeners? What other artists or musicians do you think you draw most of your inspiration from?

MK: I’m a big fan of just encouraging people to listen and having them tell me what they think we sound like (should they choose to), so I’ll say that and then say that we’re all really big fans of The Beatles and Kanye West.

CC: Your newest single “Goodside” is one of my personal favorites off of Liquor. Can you tell us the story behind the song?

MK: That one started life as the bridge to a different song that ended up getting scrapped. We were in LA doing songs with Eric Palmquist (who produced 7 out of the 10 tracks on the record) and still needed one more. Leighton had gone out a week before Shawn and I showed up and hadn’t shown Palmquist the demo for “Goodside”…I played it for him and he lit up, so we got to work!

CC: Besides Lydia currently being on a North American Tour, what can we expect from Lydia in the near future?

MK: We have a couple few shows lined up that is gonna be really really special, but nothing I can really announce yet.  And I’m pretty sure we’re gonna go ahead and get back to writing when we get home. That sounds nice.

All questions answered by vocalist Matt Keller

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Post and interview by Taylor Brielle

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