Photos / Review: Revolution 3 Tour with The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bush in Boston, Massachusetts

The Cult

Who: Revolution 3 Tour – The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Julien K

Where: Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, Massachusetts

When: July 30, 2018

The Revolution 3 Tour was an interesting idea: three well-known bands all playing headlining sets, but rotating who closes out the show each night.

Julien K came out first to open the show. Their set was very short, but they were excellent even in that small amount of time. Frontman Ryan Shuck was very charismatic and did an impeccable job at getting the audience interested in their set. Music wise, they were the best of the night in my opinion. Their style of music is electronic rock; since they were so limited on time, the audience did not get to see the full setup with the keys, which was disappointing. Julien K puts on a fun show and they knew exactly how to build the setlist to leave the longest lasting impression; “Blue Monday,” their closing song, had a lot of fans in the audience singing along. After such a good opening set, I can only imagine how much fun their full headlining set is.

Bush was the first of the three main bands to hit the stage. Bush was the reason I was interested in seeing this tour; I had previously seen Bush at this same venue about two years ago when they toured with Chevelle and had a lot of fun. Vocalist Gavin Rossdale is a master at entertaining the audience. “Machinehead,” “This Is War,” “Everything Zen,” “The Chemicals Between Us,” “Swallowed,” “The Sound of Winter,” a cover of the Beatles “Come Together,” “Glycerine,” “Little Things,” and “Comedown” made up a solid setlist that gave the audience exactly what they wanted. Rossdale did a great job of making sure fans on either side of the venue, as well as the ones sitting all the way in the back, got the same amount of attention as the fans in the front right in front of him. At one point, he came down off the stage and started walking on the seats. Bush was even better this time around.

Stone Temple Pilots was on next. This was new vocalist Jeff Gut’s first time performing with the band in Boston; this was my first time seeing Stone Temple Pilots, so I am unable to compare his performance with previous vocalists but thought his performance was good overall. Stone Temple Pilots did start off a bit weakly in comparison to Bush, but after a few songs, they brought the energy back up and the set was much stronger. Gut seemed to favor the right side of the audience, but bassist Robert DeLeo had such great presence that the left side never felt ignored. “Wicked Garden,” “Vasoline,” “Big Bang Baby,” “Down,” “Big Empty,” “Plush,” “Meadow,” “Interstate Love Song,” “Roll Me Under,” “Dead & Bloated,” “Trippin’ On A Hole in a Paper Heart,” and “Sex Type Thing” made up a setlist that was a good mix of old favorites and new tracks.

The Cult played the night’s headlining set and was fun. “Rain,” “Wild Flower,” “Spiritwalker,” “The Witch,” “Sweet Soul Sister,” “Elemental Light,” “Rise,” “She Sells Sanctuary,” “The Phoenix,” “Fire Woman,” and “Love Removal Machine” had the audience on their feet and singing along. The Cult had a strong stage presence. Ian Astbury is a great vocalist and excellent frontman; not one person in the audience was ignored. The energy in the venue was at a high and they did a great job of closing out the night. The Cult is a band that I will be seeing live again.

The Revolution 3 Tour brought together a bunch of well-known bands for a rocking night of music.

Post and photos by Karen Shalev

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