Album Review: Chelsea Grin- “Eternal Nightmare”

Since the departure of Chelsea Grin’s vocalist Alex Koehler, many fans were wondering what the new album would entail and what the future held for the band. In addition to Koehler, both guitarists also decided to leave the band during recording. All hope was not lost however as shortly after Koehler left the band, Lorna Shore vocalist Tom Barber soon took over and the remaining members finally released Eternal Nightmare on July 13. The first single off the album “Dead Rose” was satisfying for fans old and new, carrying the old sound of the band with a capable new vocalist.

Barber’s vocals are a great fit for the heavier, and faster-paced songs that this album delivers. Eternal Nightmare both reaches back to Chelsea Grin’s early work but incorporates more breakdowns and harsher guitars to add some new flair. They’ve also added other touches to the album such as some melodic piano in the beginning of the song “Across the Earth”, which makes it one of the more standout singles.

While some singles stood out more than others, the album as a whole does get quite repetitive. As we saw with some of the bands’ previous entries, synths also began playing a lard role, and they do bring some of that back into this album. However, if you’re a big Chelsea Grin fan or just a fan of deathcore in general, it’s still worth giving this album a chance. Listen to the album in full below!

Post by Kayla Rojas


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