Best of 2018 (So Far) – Part 3

We are halfway through the year, which means I got to make a “Best of List”. So many albums and singles have already been released this year! Can’t wait for what the other half of the year brings for us! Do you see your favorite song or album in these lists below? Comment and share with us! (no particular order)

Top Albums of 2018:

The Longshot – Love Is For Losers
Frontman of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, announced his side project earlier this year called The Longshot and released their debut album called Love Is For Losers. When you hear this record, you will instantly recognize Billie’s voice. If you’re a Green Day fan, you will definitely like this album. The Longshot brings back a little bit of the nostalgia punk-rock, while still maintaing a tune that serves the masses. Stream ‘Love Is For Losers’ HERE

Culture Abuse – Bay Dream
Culture Abuse’s first release off Epitaph Records, Bay Dream. From front to back, this album is a catchy, garage-punk tune talking about the waves we go through in life and the importance of being kind to others. Overall, Bay Dream sends a positive message to fans. Stream ‘Bay Dream’ HERE

Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity
No words…the whole album is just amazing! Stream ‘Gravity’ HERE

Moose BloodI Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore
With every record release, Moose Blood just keeps on getting better and better. I’d have to say this album is a bit more tranquil than previous releases like their 2014 record, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time. My favorite track off this album is “You Left in The Worst Way”! Stream ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore’ HERE

Tiny Moving Parts – Swell
Just heard this album a few weeks back and I was very impressed! Catch them on tour this fall supporting The Menzingers! Stream ‘Swell’ HERE

Top Songs of 2018:

AS IT IS – “The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry)”

Because boys are not allowed to cry, are they? The world places a stigma on men that they need to be tough and not show their emotions, but they are human after all. The melody compliments the lyrics, which has a lot of depth and meaning to it if you listen closely. It’s a beautiful song!

Real Friends – “Smiling On The Surface”

This single will be featured off their new album, Composure due July 13 via Fearless Records. This song is amazing and sends a great message, which many can relate. Sometimes, we all go through life putting up a “front”; smiling on the outside at work, with friends and family, and even with your loved ones pretending everything is fine. I can’t wait for their full release!

Alice In Chains – “So Far Under”

No one can do it like Alice In Chains. JUST LISTEN. NO NEED TO SAY MORE! You’re welcome.

Coheed & Cambria – “Unheavenly Creatures”

Coheed & Cambria never disappoints! Their new single, “Unheavenly Creatures” will be one of the songs featured in their upcoming sci-fi, action-themed album due Oct 3.

The Menzingers – “Toy Soldier”

I’m a huge fan of The Menzingers and their latest record, After The Party. Very excited they release their new single, “Toy Soldier”. They just announced their Fall 2018 Tour with Tiny Moving Parts and Daddy Issues, which starts on Oct 25 in Tampa, FL. I hope this means that they will release a new album soon!

Post and photos by Taleen Bedikian

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