Album Review: Renegades – “Self Titled”

Renegades’ self-titled EP is an impressive release. The EP combines several different styles of metal to create a metalcore album that is slightly melodic and a little bit progressive. Renegades does not get stuck in the metalcore rut; they are able to diversify the songs and make the album an interesting listen. “Hysteria” is definitely more on the metalcore side, with great dirty vocals that are offset well by clean vocals. “Deception” is more on the progressive/melodic side, with a piano intro that almost sounds like you are listening to something more EDM; it is a dreamy intro until the heavy drums and guitar start in with the dirty vocals. The song then goes into the familiar metalcore sound. “New World” is a bit airier, which – conventionally – should not work with the heaviness of the song. In reality, what you get is a song that is three-dimensional and one of the most addicting on the album. Renegades’ self-titled EP is a striking release that foreshadows great things to come from the band.

Post by Karen Shalev

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