Album Review: Rebelution “Free Rein”

Rebelution‘s latest full-length release, “Free Rein” is packed with many great hits to get your summer started off right. It’s been two years since their last release, “Falling into Place”, and the band is back at it again just in time for summer and showing their fans they are a front-runner in the reggae world with their positive and uplifting vibes.

The band debuted their first single this winter, “Celebrate,” leaving us in anticipation for more, and as the first track on the album, you may find yourself singing it’s catchy verses well after the track stops spinning.

Eric Rachmany’s soothing voice is easily captivating and the words he sings are easy to relate to. As the lyrics in the song “More Energy” says, this album is “something to swing your hips to” and this carries throughout each one of his songs.

The entire band is amazing but one of the most distinctive parts of Rebelution is their use of horns in their music, Eric Hirschorn (sax/keys) and Zach Meyerowitz (trumpet) kill it with their musical skills and are a great addition to the Rebelution mix.

In addition to this new album, they kick off their summer “FREE REIN” tour in support of the album’s release on June 22nd with Stephen Marley, Common Kings, Zion I and the amazing DJ Mackle. Their live performance is always filled with incredible energy and is is a show you don’t want to miss this summer!

Favorite Songs: City Life. Legend. Settle Down Easy. More Energy.


Post by Alicia Hauff

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