Guest Blog: Vista – “Embracing the band’s onstage sensuality and translating that to recorded music and branding”

Hope: I had this very odd and sort of uncomfortable realization a few months back about a characteristic of VISTA that I hadn’t noticed prior. We have this onstage sensuality and I guess, sexuality, to our movements, the way we perform. I texted Greg one day and was like…. This is going to sound strange, but here’s this characteristic I noticed, what do you think? We collectively decided to embrace it instead of repel it. I think many people nowadays are afraid to embrace sexuality out of fear of judgment; it is still sort of taboo. There is, in my opinion, nothing wrong with being sexy; it does not de-value your creativity, your talents, or most importantly, your intelligence and self-worth. With our new single “Witch Hunt,” you’ll hear little breathy vocal blips in the gap between the verse and chorus. That’s sensual. The way certain words are sung; that’s something I embraced. I’ve never viewed myself as that word, or in that light; I am small, awkward, skinny. But as a band (and a brand), we wanted to take a shot at translating an onstage performance attribute to recorded music, photos, our overall branding and how we portray the band’s identity.

Greg: Yeah it’s kinda cool once you wrap your head around it. It’s weird cause me and Hope are literally like brother and sister and argue all the time, but we are very open and know everything about each other. So we can be totally good having conversations about sex and sensual experiences we’ve had in our life with other people. There’s also a performance art to it as well. I’ve always been a fan of good performance art. We both have this way of performing that clicks with each other too, I’m not sure what it is. It’s powerful and a lil bit sexy. It’s kinda weird but I don’t mind at all. It’s just something to keep in mind and an avenue to possibly travel down when recording and developing branding concepts. I feel like a year or two ago we would have shunned away the concept, so it’s cool that we welcome it now.

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