Get To Know The Rock N’ Roll Trio, Them Evils

Jordan Griffin (Guitar/Vocals), Jake Massanari (bass), and David Delaney (Drums) make up the SoCal, Rock n’ Roll trio, Them Evils. I discovered this badass band a few weeks back and I immediately fell in love with their pure rock sound! I got the opportunity to interview these guys to see what they are all about! Check it out…

1. Tell us a bit about yourselves, how did you guys meet and start Them Evils?

DD: “Jake and Jordan actually grew up together in Las Vegas. They played music with each other for a while. After realizing that Vegas didn’t have much to offer, they packed and moved to Huntington Beach. After a ton of drummers tried out, I got introduced to Jordan through one of my best friends from high school. At the time I had auditioned for about 20 bands around Orange County, so meeting them was such a relief. (laughs)”

2. You guys just wrapped up a pretty extensive U.S. tour. Tell us a bit about it! Any funny or memorable moments you want to share?

DD: “This tour was pretty wild. There was a total of 43 shows we did in about 2 months, so this tour was testing of our endurance night after night. We never let it drag us down, though. It consisted of shows with our boys in Red Sun Rising and our own headlining dates. We even had the pleasure of bringing our new friends in The Wild on some our headlining shows. The most memorable part for me was going to see Billy Idol at Welcome To Rockville and running into Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age! Dave Grohl is my all-time favorite drummer and QOTSA is my all-time favorite band, so being in a social circle with all these guys was a bucket list moment for me.”

3. How was your experience playing at this year’s Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH?

DD: “That weekend was crazy! I say that with mixed emotions. We were sound checking on the side stage and then a HUGE storm swarmed the area. After waiting an hour to proceed with the day, we received news that our set got cut. Stressing out at this point, we got a call from our manager, Shannon, saying that we got bumped to Day 3 opening the main stage. We all were frantic considering this would mark our first stadium show ever! In a nutshell we played the Main stage, got carted immediately to a full acoustic set at the Zippo Stage, followed by a signing at the FYE tent, and then we had to leave the festival to drive 3 hours to get to Cleveland to play a headlining show. All that being said, we are extremely thankful to our friends at Danny Wimmer Presents for always supporting this band to the maximum, truly the best!”

4. Now let’s talk music, you guys just released your new EP, Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free. Walk us through the process of this writing and recording the EP, and your influences

DD: “We put a lot more focus into this record, and more attention to detail. It was a huge deal that we got to work with our friend and producer, Kato Khandwala. He had a “no bullshit” attitude. If he thought something we wrote sucked, he didn’t hesitate to let us know. It was good to have that kind of presence around. More time was put into writing the lyrics, getting the best guitar tones, and the overall structuring of the tracks. You can hear it on all streaming outlets (Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, Pandora, Google Play Music, etc.)”

5. What’s next for Them Evils for the rest of this year? What should we look forward to?

DD: “We’re always writing new material. Now that we don’t have the road to distract us, we can put more energy into that. We have a free show at The Mint in Los Angeles on June 25th, two shows with Steel Panther in September, and plan to tour this fall. Keep up with what we’re doing through our website, and all social media platforms!”

Check out Them Evils latest music video “Got Me Rockin'” below:

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Interview by Taleen Bedikian

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