Photos / Review: Hawthorne Heights at The Echo LA for the “Bad Frequencies Tour”

Who: “Bad Frequencies Tour” Hawthorne Heights

Where: The Echo in Los Angeles, Ca

When: May 26, 2018

American Rock Band Hawthorne Heights from Dayton, Ohio premiered songs off their new album “Bad Frequencies” for the first time in Los Angeles, CA at The Echo on Saturday evening. I discovered Hawthorne Heights back in the early 2000’s when Myspace was my generation’s source for finding new music. During my teenage years, they were easily one of my favorite bands and photographing them was a full circle moment for me.

Hawthorne Heights had a well-balanced setlist of older emo classics and newer songs off their new record. They opened up their set with the song “Bad Frequencies” (which is my current favorite song) and performed crowd favorites such as “Niki FM” and “Saying Sorry.”

Lead Vocalist, JT Woodruff was very personal with the crowd during the entire set. He took a moment to express to fans that the band had been through many ups and downs over the past few years. Their biggest obstacle so far was losing their guitar player and dedicated the song “Four Becomes One” to him which JT performed acoustically towards the end. Finally, Hawthorne ended the night with infamous emo jam “Ohio is For Lovers.”  I have never heard a crowd sing so loud in my entire life.

Post and photos by Taylor Brielle

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