Album Review: Black Coffee – “Take One”

Black Coffee - "Take One"

Black Coffee is a band that you are going to want to remember. Formed in early 2017, their debut album Take One is a solid release filled with influences from Black Sabbath, ACDC, and Van Halen, along with a touch of Led Zeppelin, but does not feel like a copy of any of the aforementioned; it is a very energetic album with its own unique personality. There are great guitar riffs throughout, the drums are strong in each track, and the bass is top-notch while never being overpowering. The vocals are gritty and dirty, exactly what you want with this kind of music. The relationship between the music and the lyrics is perfect; they work together to provide the final result without one ever overpowering the other.

Intro track “Creamer” starts the album off kind of softly; when the vocals come in, the music backs off a bit to let them shine. Unlike most intro tracks, “Creamer” is actually a cohesive part of the album; if you did not check the tracks as they switched, you would have thought it was part of “I Barely Know Her,” which is an excellent song. Usually, the first track on the album tends to be the best, but Black Coffee keep upping the ante with each subsequent track. “Hurricane” is a fast song that takes no prisoners; it should probably not be played while you are driving unless you want to end up with a hefty speeding ticket. “Monica” has the best chorus on the album. “The Traveler” is unexpected after the first five tracks, but is one of the best on the entire album. “Away” is impressive and was the perfect choice to end the album.

Black Coffee’s music is interesting. It seems obvious and one-dimensional the first time you listen to the album. The more you listen to it, though, the more intricacies you find in every single track. It is interesting and keeps you wanting to replay the tracks over and over again. Take One has a very big sound that could definitely fill arenas and it will not be long before Black Coffee is known as one of the top young rock bands in the game.

Post by Karen Shalev

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