Photos / Review: Super CHON Bros Tour 2 with CHON, Polyphia, TTNG, and Tricot in Tampa, Florida


Who: Super CHON Bros Tour 2: CHON, Polyphia, TTNG, Tricot

Where: The Ritz Ybor in Tampa, Florida

When: June 2, 2018

The Super CHON Bros Tour 2 had everyone chanting for more after a nearly sold out show in Tampa, Florida.

With four bands on the show, it was a night full of math rock (which I’ve recently found out is just music that is mathematically calculated, and not about math). Tricot, a band from Japan, opened up the show with a bang. Due to the language barrier, they sometimes used google translate to communicate with the audience.

Next up was This Town Needs Guns. Coming from the UK, they brought their soothing British tunes for everyone to enjoy.

Things started to get wild when the next act, Polyphia, took the stage. The amount of crowd surfing that took place during their set probably had security wanting to quit. Polyphia’s set consisted of songs from all their albums and EP’s and also their new single called “G.O.A.T.” which the crowd went crazy for.

Now if it wasn’t insane enough already, CHON brought the energy level through the roof. Kicking it off with a Super Mario Bros themed intro into “Wave Bounce,” the crowd immediately began headbanging and moshing for their lives.

Post and photos by Amaria McGee 

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