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Concert Crap: You released your most recent album ‘Along Came A Spider’ in January. Now that it’s been out for a few months, what are you most proud of on the album?

Helena Cos: I think anytime we release a new album I am happy.  There is so much work that goes into it that most people don’t realize.  Writing, arranging, re-arranging, writing more, song names, album artwork, song sequence, etc.  And we are fully involved in every single aspect.  ‘Along Came a Spider’ is our best album yet and that makes me especially proud.  We work really hard to up the ante each time and this album is a testament to that.  Kudos to Daniel Malsch, our producer, and individuals around us who kept pushing us.  Those people know who they are!

CC: Which songs have been resonating with fans the most?

HC: I noticed that people seem to like “Rip Your Heart Out.”  Maybe it reaches that sentimental spot in our listeners’ souls and pulls at their heartstrings.  I’m joking of course. What is does have is a memorable chorus and goes for the jugular by way of telling a story.  A sicko love story.  The song evolved into a tale of when two flawed characters meet and what happens next.   In the earlier versions of the song, we even had blood curdling screams (from the guy) but ended up nixing them to make a tighter song without distractions. Anyway, it’s a catchy little ditty with a black little heart.

“Sick,” which was our first single, charges out of the gate and has been a favorite.  We have a lyric video for the song and you gotta check it out.  It is pretty unique as there was some “acting” involved.  It was a one-take video which is deceptive, because it took plenty of crappy takes until we got it right!

“Losing It” also seems to resonate with a lot of people.  It has a great hypnotic feel in the verses that can even seem a bit creepy.  Which is kind of perfect.  Because crazy does not always announce itself loudly.  Then, it explodes in the chorus.  I imagine it speaks to the insanity that lives in each of us.

Concert Crap: What is your favorite song, from this album or previous releases, to perform live?

HC: Well, I love the way “Sick” grabs your attention and just doesn’t let up.  It’s our ode to certain people who can make you sick.  Very uplifting and affirming…. OK, maybe not, but it definitely is cathartic to perform.

Also, I have always liked playing “Better When it’s Loud” from our previous album ‘Bitten.’ An anthemic snarky punk-inspired song about kicking the ass of sentimentality.  An altogether fun sing-along song.  Yes, I’m serious.

Concert Crap: You have some dates with Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, and Tantric coming up. For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before, how would you describe your live performance?

HC: At our core, we are an aggressive rock band with music that weaves and winds, turns upside down, shakes you around and then comes back for more.   Put that in a live setting with electrified passion and emotion and what you get is a fun, sweaty, loud and raucous show.  In short, a great party. Come join us!

Concert Crap: If you could only have three songs on a setlist (originals or covers), which would you choose?

HC: Well, covers have their place, but with only three songs, they don’t make it to this list for me!

“Love it When You’re Wrong” speaks for itself like the punk that it is.  I mean, who doesn’t like being right and rubbing somebody’s face in it?  I think many can agree how satisfying this can be. Some altogether positive energy, I think…

“Rip Your Heart Out” which I mentioned before.  I love the twisted love story element to it.  And, I have to say, I love that people are responding to it when we play it live.

“Going Down” from our previous album, ‘Bitten.’ This is a song that was licensed by the WWE and used as an entrance theme and victory song for their wrestler, Charlotte Flair (daughter of wrestling icon, Ric Flair). And she was the season winner so “Going Down” was played quite a bit.  Maybe it’s the WWE angle, but people seem to really like this one which makes it fun to play live.

Concert Crap: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

HC: One last thought:  do stuff because you love it and don’t worry about current trends.  That’s what we do and our new album is a testament to that philosophy.

‘Along Came a Spider’ is available digitally worldwide.  And, for those who want a signed CD, come out to a show or go to our online store (via Facebook or our website).

Here are some of the places you can find us online:

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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