Photos / Review: Protest The Hero at the Worcester Palladium

Protest The Hero

Who: Fortress X Tour – Protest The Hero, Good Tiger, Destrage

Where: The Palladium, Worcester, Massachusetts

When: April 26, 2018

Protest The Hero’s show at the Worcester Palladium was originally supposed to be in the smaller upstairs room, but due to popular demand, it had to be upgraded and moved to the larger downstairs room. It was obviously a show that people wanted to see and – after attending – it was easy to see why.

Destrage opened the show. The Italian band is on their first North American tour and based off of their set, it is only the beginning for this band. They took to the stage full of energy, but it was easy to see that there were nerves, which made sense. Playing the big room to such a large crowd can be very intimidating, but they really pushed through and it was obvious that the band was really doing their best to give a good show. After the first three songs, they started to loosen up and form a real connection with the audience, which was reciprocated. Where in the beginning, the audience was standing a little bit more stiffly, they had progressed to moshing during the last song with plenty of headbangers. Destrage’s sound was interesting. They are technically classified as a progressive metalcore band, so there were elements of prog and metalcore, but there were a lot of other influences in there as well. The music was not boring and would even entice someone who does not like progressive metal or metalcore to listen to their music. Destrage was an excellent opener with mounds of potential and it will be very satisfying to see them headlining their own North American tour before long.

Before Good Tiger even got on the stage to start their set, they announced that their usual drummer was not able to be on tour with them due to personal issues, so Destrage drummer Federico Paulovich filled in on drums for them. Paulovich was an intensely powerful drummer with his own band and did not let up when performing with Good Tiger. Good Tiger had a lot of fans who had come specifically for them, as remarks like, “It’s almost time to see (vocalist) Elliot (Coleman)” could be heard up and down the barricade. Their set was energetic, but for someone who is new to the sound, their music is harder to digest in comparison to Destrage. To a fan, their sound is interesting and complex, made all the better by the experience that the group has amassed in just a few short years. Based off of the reactions of the crowd, Good Tiger will be welcomed with open arms back to Worcester.

Protest The Hero’s set was anticipated with bated breath and its start took everyone’s breath away. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their second studio album Fortress, they performed the ten tracks in their entirety. Some of the highlights of the set were “Bloodmeat,” which opened the show, and “Sequoia Throne.” They came onstage ready to perform and the audience welcomed them with open arms. Everyone in the room was singing along with the band, which could be heard very clearly over the music, it was so loud. Protest The Hero have obviously picked up some experience in the ten years since Fortress released and it was evident in the ease with which they performed. The production level was also high, although the flashing strobes bothered sensitive eyes. Despite the lights, the sound was top notch and every single song performed was given 100% and sounded amazing.

Protest The Hero gave a headlining show that was as amazing as expected, along with bringing along some talented supporting acts.

Post and photos by Karen Shalev

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