Album Review: The Ultra – “The Ultra EP”

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It is not often that new bands have such a developed sound so early on in their careers, but The Ultra defies the odds with The Ultra EP. The Boston based rock band makes a bigger impact with the four songs on their EP than some artists do over the course of several years. The first track, “Lights Go Down,” starts off with really powerful drums and good guitar that continue throughout the track. The music never overpowers the vocals. “Heart On The Run” starts off slowly and builds. The guitar solo in this track is really impressive. All four tracks really are amazing on this album. That being said, “Sea Full Of Faces” has a little something extra special in it that the other tracks do not have. It is the most underrated track on this EP and definitely not one to be ignored.

The Ultra have really well developed original music, which is pretty out of the ordinary for such a new band. The lyrics are not overbearing or too complicated; they get the message across without shoving it down your throat, while letting you come to your own conclusions. Besides the lyrics, there is amazing guitar in every single song. Few EPs or even albums can claim drums as powerful or bass as even as the ones in this album. The vocals never try to drown out the music; there is a perfect marriage between the vocals and the music on this EP.

The Ultra have created an EP that is jaw-droppingly good. Now is the time to start listening to The Ultra because they are surely on their way to big things.

Post by Karen Shalev

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