Album Review: Brian McKenzie – “Bruising From The Fall”


Singer-songwriter Brian McKenzie has a top-notch release on his hands with Bruising From The Fall. Every component on the album works well with the other components; the final sound that is created feels cohesive and like a lot of thought went into it. The album starts off with “Higher Than This,” the best track on the album. The lyrics feel like they come straight from McKenzie’s heart. They are simple but the way they are sung emphasizes the meaning. McKenzie also has an excellent way of emphasizing a certain syllable over another that is unique to his style and makes the track even better. Instrumentally, nothing is overly complicated either. The guitar never overpowers the lyrics and neither do the drums. The music is there to highlight the lyrics that are being sung. It is a track full of soul and meaning; McKenzie did a great job with “Higher Than This.”

Title track “Bruising From The Fall” follows a similar rhythm to “Higher Than This,” meaning nothing is overly complicated. The chorus in this track is addicting, but the genius in this track comes from the fact that there are a few different ways you can interpret the lyrics. McKenzie has an interesting way of writing where the lyrics seem specific to the person listening at that moment, meaning every single person who picks up this album will be able to find a part of themselves in his music and relate to it. “Justified” has an excellent opening and is a very strong song, both musically and lyrically. This track will be really impressive performed live with a live audience.

Brian McKenzie has done a great job with Bruising From The Fall. This is an album that does not pretend to be more than it is, and – in doing so – will attract a really large audience. Bruising From The Fall is a highly recommended album.

Post by Karen Shalev

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