Interview: Wolf King brings Bay Area hardcore to the forefront

Wolf King
Photo by Michael Alvarez

Concert Crap: Who are some artists that have inspired your sound?

Tim Wilson (vocals): Artists that have influenced us are definitely Converge, Nails, Trap Them etc. A lot of the hardcore influenced bands with extreme ties.

CC: What is the significance of naming the band Wolf King?

TW: Naming the band Wolf King came over time with some sound changes and name changes. WK stuck because of the aggressiveness, nomadic, and vicious tendencies wolves have. Which we found relates to our music quite well. 

CC: How does the Bay Area’s scene differ from others you’ve seen?

TW: What I found with touring is each area has their own sound and influence. The Bay Area is a major melting pot of music, so you can definitely here the sounds of Bay Area hip-hop/ metal in bands that come from the area. 

CC: Tell us about the recording process of Loyal to the Soil; was it how you expected it to be like?

TW: Well we recorded with Cody Fuentes in 2016 for our ep “into the infinite”, so coming back to him we knew what it was going to be like. Cody is the man when it comes to crafting records, he can pick up what bands are striving for in a heartbeat. 

CC:  You have an upcoming show with The Faceless, and you just played with Lionheart. Who would you guys want to tour with next?

TW: We’d love to tour with Gatecreeper, Acacia Strain, Power Trip, Cult Leader, Venom Prison etc. Keep it evil. 

CC: What else does the future have in store for Wolf King?

TW: We’re working on a tour around Bay Area Death Fest in June, and currently writing for the next record.

CC:  Anything else you’d like to say to fans, or anyone else reading this interview?

TW: Yeah! Our new album “Loyal to the Soil” is coming out April 27th via Prosthetic Records. We are also currently on tour with Bodysnatcher and Distinguisher.

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Post by Kayla Rojas

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