Album Review: From Ashes To New – “The Future”

From Ashes to New - The Future

From Ashes To New’s The Future was named appropriately as this band will be a future household name The album is an interesting mix of really heavy rock riffs with vocals that range from clean to dirty and even rap. These sounds present from the very first song, “Wake Up.” “Crazy,” the second track on the album, brings in a little bit more of a techno aspect to it and there is more rap in this one than in the previous song. The rapped parts throughout the album sound like a mix between Eminem and Chester Bennington.

“Forgotten” brings in a little bit of an EDM flavor with that really high energy intro and a little bit of piano. This is one of the best tracks on the album as it is extremely well-rounded musically. The lyrics, both the clean singing and the rapping parts, work beautifully with the music. It is a very interesting track and keeps you listening. This is also the track that will get fans of multiple genres interested in From Ashes To New just because there are so many different aspects to it. “Enemy” also has a little bit of piano in that gorgeous intro and is another excellent track on The Future. The emotion of the lyrics in this song really come through and are helped along by the music.

The beauty of this album is that each song has something different as its main theme. Some songs are more rock whereas in others you can hear the techno more. From Ashes To New does a great job of mixing the multiple sounds in this album to create something uniquely theirs. At the same time, the music sounds cohesive and like it all belongs on the same album.

From Ashes To New are toeing the line between multiple genres and doing an excellent job of it. The Future is layered, interesting, and full of top notch tracks from the first to the last.

Post by Karen Shalev

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