Interview: The Darkness Talk “Tour De Prance”

The Darkness
Photo Credit: Simon Emmett

Concert Crap: The Darkness is gearing up to start the North American leg of your Tour de Prance on March 29th. How are you preparing for the tour?

Frankie Poullain: I’m in a beach cafe in Montanita Ecuador, I don’t normally do interviews on holiday but needs must.

CC: What are some differences between touring in Europe and touring in North America?

FP: Americans have less cynicism and are hot-wired into rock ‘n’ roll, it’s their birthright, although the English could equally claim so. Europeans filter art through their head, Americans through their heart.

CC: The Darkness is known for being one of the best bands to see live. What can fans look forward to on your upcoming tour dates?

FP: Unashamed and idiosyncratic vaudevillian pomp rock with a charming heartfelt sentiment and a wiggling ass.

CC: What is your favorite song from new album Pinewood Smile to play live, and why?

FP: “Japanese Prisoner of Love” is propelled by Rufus Taylor’s brilliant and original drumming, Dan’s monumental riffing and Justin’s sheer wit and outrageous wordplay. What’s not to like?

CC: Out of the whole Darkness catalog of songs, what is your favorite song to play live, and why?

FP: Dan always said “Givin’ Up” and I’m starting to see why. It just has something so real and gritty.

CC: Diarrhea Planet will be opening up for you on the tour. What made you decide to take them on tour with you?

FP: The way they sound. The way they look. Their attitude. That cute way they have of perching themselves on the toilet seat.

CC: What is something that fans do not know about what it takes to put on a coast-to-coast tour?

FP: I don’t know what it takes to put on a coast to coast tour so why would I expect the fans to know?  We sleep 3 nights out of 4 on the tour bus then one night in a hotel. We drink Goat’s blood on Tuesdays.

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Post by Karen Shalev

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