Interview: Eyes of The Sun Talk Signing with Blacklight Media Records, “Chapter I,” and more

Eyes of the Sun
Photo Credit: Sophy Holland

Concert Crap: You are gearing up to release your debut album, Chapter I, via Blacklight Media Records. You actually originally self-released this back in 2013. Why re-release it? Why now?

Jeff Blanchard: So right after the album was done, hurricane sandy happened and we lost all of our gear and that really set the band back. We never really did much with the album. It also really killed our spirit. We think that even though it’s been 5yrs that it still relates to whats going on today, if not more so. The people at Blacklight Media feel like it never really got the push it should have.

CC: Will there be anything new on the album, ie new tracks, remastered versions?

JF: No the album will be released exactly as we finished it.

CC: Which song should listeners play first? Which should they play last?

JF: The album was created to listen to it in order, it tells a story. As an album, it’s meant to give you up and down emotions.

CC: What is something unexpected in the album that listeners will not pick up on the first time they play Chapter I?

JF: The more you listen to it the more you can pick apart and really feel the experiences and emotions that were put into writing Chapter 1

CC: When will you start working towards Chapter II?

JF: The songwriting of Chapter II is actually almost done. We’ve been working on new material for a while and we are really excited about the new music we’ve been doing.

CC: You are taking part in the first Blacklight Media Records showcase featuring Candiria, Gozu, Good Tiger, and more. What is the set list going to look like?

JF: We will be playing 4 songs off chapter I. Since we are promoting Chapter I, we are sticking with those songs.

CC: Can we expect a tour to support the album soon?

JF: We are definitely doing shows, a tour hasn’t been lined up yet but we will be playing in Boston April 21st, as well as May 5th in Brooklyn at Lucky 13 Saloon.

CC: Anything else that you’d like to add?

JF: We are really excited to be on Blacklight Media and are getting amped up for what is to come.

All questions answered by Jeff Blanchard.

Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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