Interview: Sunday At Noon Discuss New Single “Thunder” and More

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Concert Crap: Can you give our audience a little bit of background about how you got involved in music?

Jack:  Nate and I grew up around music so it seemed like the only choice.  Playing music is as natural as breathing for us.  Our dad is a musician and worship pastor, our mom sings and we play in the worship band.  Carl, Nate and I were all part of another band but he stepped away to go into the Air Force.  We met Dylan through worship band and formed Sunday At Noon.  When Carl moved back to the area last year, he joined the band, bringing everything full circle.

CC: Your brand new song “Thunder” was just released, what was the inspireration behind the song?

Nate:  Thunder is 100% about having self-confidence.  It’s a song about being yourself and feeling sexy, even in the face of rejection.

CC: I heard that you have a debut album coming out next month, what would you describe the overall sound and feel of your new album?

J: We’ve postponed the release of the album until late summer/early Fall.  We initially set out to record another EP, but during the songwriting and recording process we realized that we were creating the best music we’ve ever made.  “Thunder” will be the second single from the, now, full length album. The new music is departure for us but its moving in the direction we always wanted to go.  We’ve always felt that it does our audience a disservice to keep pumping out the same music.

CC: As a band with an arena rock feel to your music, it must be a really fun experience seeing you play live. How excited are you to play your new music at shows? 

Jack: We love playing live!  Whether we’re playing to 20, 200 or 2,000 people, we try to play like we’re playing to a packed arena.  Our live sets are high energy and interactive.  Now that we’re recording new music, it’s all we want to play.  We’ve recorded a few tracks that allow me to put down the guitar and get up close and personal with the crowd.  We can’t wait to share the new tunes with the world.  We’ll be playing “Honey” and “Thunder” when we head out on tour in May (cities/dates to be announced soon).

CC: What are the top 3 biggest influences on your music?

J: That is such a difficult question, because we have many influences.  We draw a lot of inspiration from The Struts; their aesthetic and stage presence influence our live show.  Our music is also inspired by Eagles of Death Metal and Led Zeppelin.

CC: How does the writing process work for you guys?

J: The writing of the new record has been more collaborative between Nate and I.  We’d get an idea and once we’d gotten the bones of the song together, we brought it to the band.  Carl and Dylan add the final touches and we go into the studio.  We work closely with our producer, Sean Whiteman, of Interchange Audio to polish everything during the recording process.

CC: If you could tour with any band, what band would you choose?

J: We’d love to tour with The Struts.  We’re fans of their music and they are incredible performers.  It would be a banging lineup, a real high energy rock show.  The Foo Fighters would be a close second.  We aspire to get to that level, to play arena shows.

CC: What is the last song you listened to? 

J: Nate and I listened to “Blood on Our Hands” by Death From Above in the car on the way home.

You can check out Sunday At Noon’s new song “Thunder” here

Post and interview by Madeline Cronin

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