Album Review: blessthefall – “Hard Feelings”


blessthefall have struck gold with Hard Feelings. The band’s sixth studio album – their first release with new label Rise Records – keeps all of the best parts of their past music, while opening itself up to a new sound that makes this album their most interesting release so far.

blessthefall is well-known for being a great metalcore band. A lot of their discography consists of really rough screams; it is a big part of what I love about blessthefall. Hard Feelings is interesting because in some ways the band has gotten softer, but in others, they have not slowed down at all. “Find Yourself” is a great example. I was expecting it to be just more brutal vocally, but the song gives you a case of the feels all the same. “Melodramatic” is also a great track. Anthemic, high-energy, and with really interesting pops of backing vocals, it is one of my top favorites. It also brings in some raw screams, which do not overpower the rest of the song, but fit in perfectly just where they are. “Sakura Blues” is a really interesting song where all of the elements do not necessarily make sense on paper, but sound great together in reality. “Welcome Home” feels really nostalgic and the guitar solo is fantastic. This track is my favorite on the entire album.

blessthefall have put out an album that is different from any they have released before. At first listen, it seems like they may have gone soft, but the emotion in the songs is still the same, if not even magnified. This album is the most interesting one that they have put out in my opinion, on top of being the best-rounded. I think that blessthefall have done an excellent job with Hard Feelings and I would highly recommend this album.

Post by Karen Shalev

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