Song Review: Lancer Roscoe – “I’ve Waited”

Lancer Roscoe - "I've Waited"

Alternative rock band Lancer Roscoe dropped a new single titled “I’ve Waited”. This is the first of four singles expected to be released before their first album.

The sound of “I’ve Waited” perfectly piggybacks off their 5 track EP “Yes and No” which was released last year.

The lyrics are relatable pertaining to topics of waiting on something and what it means to realize that there is more to the “hours of self-abuse”, to quote the song. It’s a sort of coming-of-age track that is packed with a catchy riff and a chorus that will for sure be stuck in your head.

The lyrics, sung by Riley Herrera, are so catchy that you get lost in the song. So you’ll be listening to the song and it’s so danceable but also such a calm mellow that it’s comforting and suddenly you’re singing along to the chorus and then BAM! Your ears get hit with this really cool trumpet and trombone played by Drue Chermak and AJ Asano. The ending gives off a really good energy that is unexpected yet fits with the flow of the song perfectly. Similar to Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sun”, the ending of “I’ve Waited” packs a punch that will have you listening to it on repeat.

The Los Angeles based quintet is a band that is definitely worth adding to your playlist. And should you feel so inclined to see them play live (which you will), catch them at the Viper Room on 4/20.

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Post by Gigi Gradillas

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