Album Review: Deadset Society – [Rebuild, Vol. 1]

Deadset Society

On February 28th, Deadset Society released an acoustic EP. This features new versions of songs that were on their debut album, [Destroy + Rebuild], which came out in January 2017. This EP, [Rebuild, Vol. 1], came as a surprise since the band did not announce it prior to the release. Deadset Society, a four-piece hard rock band from Toronto, Canada, was formerly known as Never Say Die and consists of members from My Darkest Days.

The first three tracks on the album are the acoustic ones. The acoustic version on “Like A Nightmare” is slower than the original. Parts of the song definitely sound different, but yet still the same. “Numb” is almost more soulful this way. There is a constant melody heard in “Outside Looking In,” and it fades out at the end.

The latter half of the EP consists of the acoustic instrumental songs. The acoustic instrumental version of “Like A Nightmare” sounds sort of repetitive in the first verse. You can hear the sound change with the chorus, and it becomes smoother after that. “Numb” goes quickly with the instrumental track. The beat is catchy, and it builds up towards the end, before cutting off a little suddenly. The EP closes with the instrumental rendition of “Outside Looking In.” The sound in the introduction in this track is pretty catchy. The whole song flows well. This version sounds different from both the original and the acoustic. To me, it honestly doesn’t seem like something a hard rock band would release, which can be a good thing.

I really like what Deadset Society did with this EP. The tracks on here are fan favorites, and these new interpretations give listeners something new. If you want to hear some of your favorite songs in a peaceful way, then definitely check out [Rebuild, Vol. 1].

  1. Like A Nightmare (Acoustic)
  2. Numb (Acoustic)
  3. Outside Looking In (Acoustic)
  4. Like A Nightmare (Acoustic Instrumental)
  5. Numb (Acoustic Instrumental)
  6. Outside Looking In (Acoustic Instrumental)

Review by Anna Rhodes

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