Song Spotlight: Blacktop Mojo – “Underneath”

Blacktop Mojo

Blacktop Mojo recently released a video for “Underneath,” the last song off their sophomore album Burn The Ships, which is nearing its first anniversary. “Underneath” is my favorite track from the album because of its simplicity; at the same time, it is packed full of soul and the lyrics fit perfectly.

The video – filmed by Drew McCuistion – is as simple as the track, so it vibes well. With the live audio, you can also hear the progression that vocalist Matt James and guitarist Ryan Kiefer have achieved in their instruments. Kiefer usually plays very fast and heavy, like Tremonti. In this video, he achieves a really nice subtlety. Even without the vocals, he brings forward the emotion of the song. James’ vocals sound cleaner than on Burn The Ships and you can hear that he has really good breath support.  “Underneath” is a great video of a great song that was performed spectacularly. It is obvious that Blacktop Mojo is only at the start of what is sure to be a memorable career.

Post by Karen Shalev

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