Interview: Woolbright and winded Talk Split Album

Whelmed Records Holiday Split Vol 2.

Concert Crap: Give our audience a little bit of background about your band. 

Woolbright: Woolbright started off with just me (Candice). I wrote songs in my childhood home. There was a lot of tension with the people in my house growing up and I didn’t realize till later that playing music helped me organize my feelings and was a form of therapy for me. We all mainly met through the south Florida music scene and loved one another’s former bands. We eventually came together and formed a full band that is now know as Woolbright.
winded: winded started just as my solo project in 2016 when my former band, Lingua Franca, broke up. I was really into looping and layering guitar sounds at the time (still am, really) and experimented with those techniques early on to figure out the sound and direction I wanted winded to take.

CC: How did the split album come about?

Woolbright: I was on my way to work one morning and felt a loom of sadness. I had some things I needed to get off my chest with the holidays approaching. Putting out music alongside with Thrin was exactly what needed to happen.

winded: Candice of Woolbright messaged me one day about wanting to do this and I immediately jumped on the idea. We’ve been playing shows together all over Florida for the past year and then some, so it was about time we actually put out some music together!

CC: How did you choose the tracks you would put forth for your part?

Woolbright: After that looming feeling I had felt on my drive to work I wrote 23. It’s about my sister and the emptiness I feel with her being gone being magnified on the holidays. I know that time of the year isn’t so jolly for everyone. I figured it would be great therapy for me and hopefully for others as well. As for the cover I love Death Cab. I felt as if Passenger Seat fit the vibe perfectly.

winded: I thought “Crossed Wire” would be a good choice with this split because of the atmosphere at the time. It was a gloomy winter with overcast skies, freezing weather and I experienced a lot of personal shifts in my social/ private life. “Crossed Wire” kind of came about from the winter mood I found myself in before the year ended, which was probably the hardest year of my life. When it comes to the Pile cover, I truly love that band with all my heart and was eager to do a rendering of one of their songs with my friend David, and we did!

CC: How would you describe your sound in three words or less?

Woolbright: Riff city, baby.

winded: slowly evolving meme.

CC: Would you do a split album again in future?

Woolbright: Absolutely.

winded: Oh HECK yeah.

CC: Anything else you’d like to add?

Woolbright: Drink plenty of water and please take care of yourself.

winded: Jenny Hval, if you read this thank you for your music and for getting me through 2017. Also, thank you to Taco Bell for having vegan options, Kris Maseri for being an angel-human being and working with us on this split, and to all the incredible femmes out there making music and being bad ass.

All questions answered by Candice of Woolbright and Kris of winded.

Woolbright:  FacebookBandcamp

winded: Facebook / Bandcamp

Post by Karen Shalev

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