Song Review: Sepia – “Marionette”

Sepia – “Marionette”

Sepia’s first single “Marionette” off their upcoming album Drop Dead Gorgeous is a song about being bound to the familiar. The song has sounds of smooth and mellow alternative rock and if this is what is to be expected for their new album, we’re in for a wonderful treat.

After four years in the making, Sepia will be releasing their second full-length album Drop Dead, Gorgeous… Mixed by Maryland engineer Ryan Matchett and mastered by Killer Penguin Productions, Drop Dead, Gorgeous… will be available on most major music outlets Friday, March 16, 2018.

The album embraces the cynical world of life, relationships, competition, success, and failures. Conflict and duality are often found in shades of gray, or more notably, “sepia tones”, but now can be heard and felt through Sepia tunes! After four years of creative explosions and some frustrations, the long-awaited sophomore release will take you on an emotional ride and leave you wanting more.

The band won a ReverbNation crowd review so that will be featured on its homepage from March 6-12 so that would go a lot way in helping it.

Since about 2009, current members of Sepia have been coming from all parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania (about an hour travel each way on average) to get together, drink beer and mead, and make music. From performing at restaurants to small/large bars, then to local festivals, their path has led them to rock a ton of fun events, then too many nights recording in their practice studio hammering out tunes.


  1. Change for You
  2. Cool
  3. Marionette
  4. Home
  5. Delaware
  6. Better Out Than In
  7. Blindside
  8. Born Yesterday
  9. Hard to Tell
  10. The Invincible

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