Interview: Between Now and Forever Talk New Music, Tour, and More

Between Now and Forever

Recently, I interviewed the Albany, NY hard rock band Between Now and Forever. Hear about their future endeavors, touring, and more below.

So you have your first full-length album in the works, what would you describe the sound and overall feel of the album as?

 So far, we have about 5 songs in the works right now. It’s very much a new vibe. When we wrote the ‘Burdens’ EP, it was just Rodney and myself (Zack) writing the music. Since then our family has grown, we’ve gained Austin, Steve, & Matt in the band and they’ve made writing exciting again for us. The Burdens EP was really a collection of songs we wrote before the band took a break a while back and we just wanted to release them before the new album process began. The new music is fresh and fun for us, it’s very much an improvement from our last EP.

What inspired some of the songs for the new album?

We decided we wanted the new album to be creative and diverse. We’ve spent a lot of time admittedly in the past trying to fit a certain “mold”. We’ve all gotten older over the years and have realized that the only thing that matters is the connection we make with people like us. This time around we want to write music for us and for our fans.

When can fans expect to hear some new music?

 We’re currently working on finishing the first two singles off the new album. Both are very different songs from what we’ve released in the past. One song is a rocker and the other a ballad. We’re working on some ideas on how we’d like to release them but expect them soon.

What is in store for BNAF in the future?

 A lot! We’re going out for a run with Kingsmen (RI) in May and are working on some other tours for June and July right now. We can’t say much about those right now though.

If you could tour with any band, which band would it be and why?

I (Austin) would tour with Trivium because they’ve been my favorite band for so long and because they have so much energy live. Also Papa Roach!

What’s your favorite memory as a band so far?

 Recently we had a band sleepover at Rodney’s to write music and we just ended up getting drunk and going to McDonald’s at 2 a.m. Rodney and Matt asked a guy if he had a Newport. So now we smoke Newport’s when we’re together as a tradition. That’s the only time we smoke though, because it’s bad for you, kids.

 Another favorite memory would be opening up for We Came As Romans. Dave from WCAR dedicated their song ‘To Plant A Seed’ to us, which was pretty awesome.

What are your goals for 2018?

Release the new record. Tour. Reach new faces. Get signed to a label.

Answers by Zack King and Austin VanDyke

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Post and photos by Brooke Champine

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