Video Premiere: Amanda Rose RIley – “Music is Enough”

Amanda Rose RIley

We’re here to premiere the new song and video from Amanda Rose Riley, called “Music is Enough”. With the video release, Riley is promoting a campaign called #IWillChooseLove and it joins the video in promoting the good in the world, and choosing to focus on the positive, as well as offering resources for others wanting to get involved in causes.

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“The first sparks of inspiration for this song came when I was going through a really tough time last year; some people in my life were just bringing me down in subtle ways, which is kind of the theme of the first verse. At some point the phrase “Music is enough” popped into my head – as in, the joy of making music is enough for me, even though I’m going to face negative people and other obstacles in the process. (I liked that phrase so much I got a tattoo of it!) At the same time, I related that to something else that is always bringing me down – violence and suffering in the news all the time, which is always threatening to overwhelm us all with negativity. Music helps to calm me when I feel that way, but in more practical terms, I thought I’d try to use my song about music being a positive force, to remind people of all the efforts happening all the time to work on the world’s problems and make it a better place for us all. That’s what the second verse alludes to, and that’s what my music video with my family and friends is about. With the release of this song/video, I’m also introducing a phrase from the chorus, “I will choose love,” as a hashtag to tweet resources on this theme. I hope it can inspire some people, including myself, to be more positive and take positive actions, even if it’s just being more considerate of other people or doing random acts of kindness, which does make a difference!”

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Post by Corey Kleinsasser

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