Album Review: Don Broco – “Technology”

Don Broco - Technology

Technology by Don Broco is almost certainly going to end up as one of my favorite albums of 2018. The album starts off extremely high energy with the title track “Technology.” From there, you’re taken on a wild roller coaster ride of human emotion, with songs covering every aspect of life.

“T-Shirt Song” is my favorite song on this album. I love the beat of it and the anthemic chorus has me turning the song up as high as I can stand every single time I hear it. This song is meant to be heard and sung as loudly as you can. I have been listening to this track since the video was released for it in December and I have not gotten sick of it yet. In fact, I play it multiple times in a row every time. I love the added effect of the trumpets, which give it something extra. “The Blues” is an interesting song that I was not expecting to like, but that grew on me quite quickly. The contrast between the regular singing voice to the falsetto is pretty cool and I can already see this being performed in front of a large audience. “Porkies” was surprisingly heavy in comparison to the songs I had heard before this one and I absolutely love this track. It also has quite a unique intro and that really cool guitar repetition.

Overall, Technology is quite a prolific album. Each of the songs has in common great guitar, strong bass, pounding drums, and some kind of interesting techno sound or distortion that is different in each song. What differentiates the track is the different flavor that each track has. Some tracks are more cotton candy while others are a really spicy dish. What is really interesting about this album is that I had already heard most of the tracks – seven to be exact – before the album was even officially released. I think that this was a great technique of drumming up interest in the album and exciting the fans before the release because the videos that were released piqued my interest enough to the point that I had to check out the album.

Don Broco’s Technology – out now – is a solid and impressive release from the British band. It is definitely their best one yet.

Post by Karen Shalev

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