Album Review: Cane Hill – “Too Far Gone”

Cane Hill - Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone has me walking around to everyone saying, “You have to hear the new Cane Hill” because it is a really good album. From sinister screams to rock riffs to just pure blasting bass and drums, there is a decent blend of different sounds, so it never gets boring. Take “It Follows” for example. One of my top favorite songs on the album, it has a little bit more of a rock feel than some of the other tracks (especially in the chorus), but there are still plenty of solid screams that balance it out. “Singing In The Swamp” has some of the sickest guitars on the entire record and I highly recommend you check out this one ASAP. Title track “Too Far Gone” is explosive from the first second with really strong drums.

I find that I have an issue with most albums because the first song is my favorite and then it all goes downhill from there. Too Far Gone gets better with every track. More than that, the album does not sound like Cane Hill copied and pasted one song ten different times, changing a word here and there to pass it off like a completely new track. The songs do all have something similar in that they all sound like they belong to Cane Hill; this gives them all a common thread and binds the album together to make it sound cohesive. I have to say that overall I was really impressed by and very happy with this album. It’s a top-notch release that is going to take Cane Hill very far.

While it is still too early to say for certain, I have a strong feeling that Cane Hill’s Too Far Gone is going to make my top albums of 2018. I cannot recommend enough that you add Too Far Gone, available now, to your collection.

Post by Karen Shalev

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