Photos / Review: Courtship. joins Passion Pit’s tour in Portland, Oregon

Who: Courship., Passion Pit

When: January 25, 2018

Where: Roseland Theater, Portland, Oregon

“When I was 15 I saw Passion Pit here at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom, and I decided I wanted to be in a band. Fast forward, and now we’re opening for them. This is the most surreal thing.”

Immediately after the first song ended, Courtship’s guitarist told the crowd he was from Portland and this was a bit of a hometown show for him. He also toyed with the crowd, asking if Portland’s thoughts on Californians had gotten any better over the years. Soon after he stopped the show again to express his gratitude for the crowd coming early, said the quote above, and went on to say how privileged it was to be playing in his home city and on tour with one of his favorite artists.

The entire band was gracious and genuine from the beginning of their set, to after the show when they walked through the crowd and stopped to thank and talk to various audience members. During their set, their authenticity elevated their performance. They made their set and that stage their own and played with everything they had. Through their performance, it was obvious the band loved every second of it and had the most fun onstage. Their upbeat music was similar to the headliner, Passion Pit, and was the perfect compliment and act to start the night. In 2016 the band first formed, and in two short years, they are touring across the nation with Passion Pit. How far the band has come in a short amount of time is impressive, and with the preview, they’ve been giving on this tour of their forthcoming album. It will be worthwhile to keep up with Courtship and see where the future will take them.

Post and photos by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph / Photography)

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