Album Review: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – “Self-Titled”

Tyler Bryant & TheShakedown

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have already toured the world opening for some of the biggest names out there. After listening to their self-titled album, it is really not surprising. The album is rock ‘n roll at its finest; it’s also the kind of music that will appeal to a really large crowd.

The highlight of the entire album is the guitar. Whether it’s a little lick or a full-blown solo, the guitar is out of this world. “Weak And Weepin’” is a fun, high-tempo song that shows off a mind-blowingly good solo. What is really terrific about the guitar is how different it sounds in each song; you do not hear the same three notes played over and over again.

There is a variety of songs on this album. “Weak and Weepin’” is high-energy and pure rock and roll. “Jealous Me” slows the album down a little bit and is a little bit more bluesy. There’s also my favorite track “Ramblin’ Bones,” which is slow but does not feel like it lacks in energy. “Ramblin’ Bones” has a really nifty little bluesy intro, before the more stripped down vocals start in. I love how the other band members start in for the chorus because it elevates the song to another dimension. This track encompasses all of my favorite things about this album into one song; it shows that while the guitar is the highlight, this album is so much more than just guitar solos. The vocals are on point and sound amazing; the harmonies between the four band members are some of the best harmonies that I have heard in a while.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown’s self-titled release was one of my top five favorite album releases in 2017 because it is just so damn good. Make sure you take a listen for yourself and catch them out on tour soon.

Post by Karen Shalev

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