Song Review: Between Now and Forever – ‘Duality’ Cover

Photo by Brooke Champine

Hard rock band Between Now and Forever is back with a new cover song! Local to Albany, New York, the five-piece group has been hard at work with recording new music in the studio and playing shows around the New England area. As someone who works closely with this band, I can safely say that the coming full-length album is going to be well worth the wait. But for now, we have a cover song that was released this January to listen to.

If you’ve ever been to a BNAF show, you’ll know that Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ is a reoccurring choice on their setlist. That’s because they cover it well, and really know how to draw the audience in with it. The band recently released ‘Duality’ as a single, and you can listen to it here.

Duality is already a banger, but hearing it covered by BNAF makes it all the more of a jam. Lead singer Rodney Tobin’s unique vocals cut through the music, nailing all of the high and low parts throughout.  The chorus is probably my favorite part of this cover, there is so much energy and it really makes you want to get up and mosh. The mix of instruments and vocals flow so strongly and smoothly throughout that it is impossible not to like this cover.

Overall, I highly recommend checking out this band if you don’t already know them, and keep an eye out for new music releases in the future from them!

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Check BNAF’s current EP, ‘Burdens’ out here. Burdens is also available on all major streaming platforms.

Post by Brooke Champine

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