Best Albums of 2017 – Part 2


Shapeshifter- Knuckle Puck

As soon as I heard the single “Gone” from this album, I knew the rest of this album would deliver, and it did. I’ve been a huge fan of Knuckle Puck for a few years, and was eager to hear this album when it was announced after the success of their first studio full length. As I’ve said in an album review, Shapeshifter delves into a different and more mature side of Knuckle Puck and it’s a great, refreshing change of pace for them without losing too much of their edge that fans know and love. I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes anything from pop-punk to alternative music! This is my definite favorite release of the year.

Nightmare Logic- Power Trip

  Power Trip is a hardcore band near and dear to me. I discovered them through someone I really look up to, and this new album just sounded so great! It’s heavy in all the right places, and the guitar solos are jarring enough to make your face melt off. Power Trip is a great band for someone just getting into hardcore, and Nightmare Logic is some of the best work they’ve put out.

Nothing is Beautiful- SPITE

I’ve already raved about this album on an album review, but this was easily one of my favorite 2017 releases. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this band since they are from my area, and seeing them play on their home field. The crowd goes wild, and it’s not hard to see why. This album is truly killer, and it’s definitely a huge step forward for Bay Area hardcore. This album is put together so well, and it hits the listener hard from beginning to end.

Feel Something- Movements

I saw Movements with Knuckle Puck on the day their album dropped, and when they played a good amount of new material, I was very impressed. They didn’t disappoint with their previous release, and so I went into this album with high expectations and was satisfied with what I heard. A very melancholy album, Movements truly convokes emotion in their work, and this album is no different. Feel Something will definitely make you… Feel something.

Good Nature- Turnover

Turnover is a great band in of themselves, but Good Nature rivals their previous release. I can’t decide which one I like more, but this album makes it onto my best of 2017 list. This album is perfect to listen to for a more relaxing vibe, or if you just need a break from heavy music; much like I do sometimes. This album is a slow, but steady change of pace. Tracks like “Nightlight Girl”,“Butterfly Dream” and “Super Natural” are charmers within the same vein as Balance and Composure, with a hint of indie band Beach House. Would definitely recommend for an easy listen, or fans of indie music.

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